Wabash, Indiana, United States

“We are completely satisfied with our new Think induction lighting. It has given us more consistent lighting throughout the plant while eliminating maintenance on the lighting system.”
Kale Sparling, Engineering Manager


The plant was faced with high energy and maintenance costs associated with their 1000 watt metal halide lighting system. In addition, the previous system had depreciated and was producing poor light quality.


By installing over 175 200 watt Think induction fixtures to replace the 400 watt metal halide fixtures with a one-to-one ratio, we were able to save Thermafiber 55% in energy. With a 100,000 hour lifespan, the Think induction system also eliminated all costs related to the lighting maintenance. The light quality has been greatly improved.


Thermafiber now has a projected total savings (including energy and maintenance costs) of nearly $350,000 over a 10 year period and a return on investment of less than 1.7 years.


373,698 kWh saved per year
514,863 lbs of CO2 emissions saved per year
Equivalent of taking 59 cars off the road
Equivalent of planting 104,190 trees over 10 years

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