Poneto, Indiana, United States

“The lights look great, we can’t believe the difference of how much brighter it is in the gym and the walls now look white like they are supposed to look.”
Ryan King, Maintenance Manager


1. Not enough quality light
2. Light colour made walls look yellow even though they had just been painted white
3. Couldn’t turn lights off during times when not needed due to 15 minute warm-up for metal halides
4. 87-400 watt metal halides producing high heat levels making gym uncomfortable


1. Replaced the 87 fixtures with 50 Think induction fixtures of 250 watt and 37-200 watt
2. Gym is extremely well lit, it looks like a professional basketball court
3. Walls now appear white
4. Lights can be turned off when not needed, providing further energy savings
5. No warm-up period needed


Southern Wells High School has a projected total savings (including energy costs and maintenance costs) of nearly $90,000 over a 10 year period


59% energy savings
83,779 kWh saved annually
121,480 pounds of CO2 saved per year

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