Guelph, Ontario, Canada

“We’ve got a proper, modern lighting system, better quality of lighting, better experience for the employees, and we’re not poisoning the environment at the same time. It’s perfect.”
James Carroll, CEO

The Challenge

LifeLearn is a technology company, focused on the animal health space and based in Guelph, Ontario. For LifeLearn, being a responsible organization was important. They wanted to upgrade to a modern, high-quality lighting system that would provide a better employee experience and reduce their environmental impact.

The Results

Scope of Work:
Monthly Savings: $877
Cost Savings: 72%
Payback Period:
CO2 Reduction: 1,422 trees

The new LED lighting from Think was able to resolve employee headache and migraine concerns and improve employee efficiency as a result. The new system virtually eliminated maintenance and provided mercury-free lights, which were not harmful to the environmental — in contrast to their old fluorescent lights, which were often breaking on a weekly basis. Employees immediately noticed the difference in the colour and brightness of the lights and commented on how the install process seemed to happen overnight.

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