Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“The Think LED lighting system is definitely an A+ financial project, based on the ROI and the simple payback — this can’t be beat.”
Kevin Markovich, Production Manager

The Challenge

Jamieson Laboratories needed precision for their production facilities — they needed to be able to see what they were doing in minute detail and their old lighting system was not delivering. Their existing warehouse lighting exhibited a yellow haze from the T5s and T8s, and their team was constantly replacing burnt out bulbs.

The Result

Scope of Work: 7,800 T5 & T8 Lamps Upgraded
Monthly Savings: $17,000
Cost Savings: 51%
Payback Period: 2 Years
Warranty: 5 Years
CO2 Reduction: 424 acres of trees

After installing Think LED lighting, their team’s ability to see the product in manufacturing, the finished good in packaging, and even the chemical testing results have all improved. Their employees were able to see small details in labelling. In addition, Jamieson was able to save close to 50% on monthly operating costs and virtually eliminate maintenance.

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