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To date, our Induction Lighting Technology has reduced our clients' energy consumption by:
117368627865 KW/H
(and saved them more than $15257921.62 in the process)
Think you've seen it all? Think Again! The new face of LED lights. Coming soon
Think you've seen it all? Think again! See the new face of LED by Think Green Solutions ›
The advantages of Induction Lighting
Think Green Solutions has been on the forefront of environmentally friendly energy since 1983 and is proud to be able to offer the latest technology in eco-friendly commercial and industrial lighting products and solutions with its complete line of Induction Lighting products. Think Green Induction Lighting systems offer instant ROI, incredible energy savings up to 90% and unmatched lighting quality.
Induction Lighting products and solutions from Thuink Green Solutions.
LED replacement bulbs from Think Green Solutions
LED lighting products from Think Green
Replace your traditional fluorescents with our LED lighting products for a bright and natural light in your office or home. With considerable energy savings and a lifespan of 50,000 hours, you can't go wrong! Choose from our complete line of LED bulbs, driverless LED replacement tubes, LED recessed lights or LED panels.
Quality solar panels
As a manufacturer of solar panels and worldwide leader in renewable energy since 1983, we provide high quality, high efficiency, time tested mono and polycrystalline panels, ideal for your off-grid applications, at unbeatable prices.
Solar panels and solar energy products from Think Green Solutions.
Our complete LED lighting catalogue
LED catalogue
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